The Princess Herself

Hello, I’m Princess Danielle. I am a passionate, kind hearted optimist, with a love for magic. I am a Disney College Program alumni, yearning for adventure in the great wide somewhere. I have always demonstrated a passion for writing, and bringing people together through the power of words. I always tend to push myself to be the best that I can in everIMG_7182ything that I do. Aside from writing, I have also always demonstrated a passion for Disney. My very first trip to Walt Disney World was when I was just five months old, and I grew up going several times a year for many years after that. I have fulfilled a major dream of mine this past August by participating in the Disney College Program as a merchandise hostess at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (Aloha!) When I was young, I truly believed that I was a Disney princess, owning every single princess costume that the stores had to offer, and proudly wearing them around my small hometown in Upstate New York. My three favorite princesses are Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel. Now, at age 23, I see myself as a different kind of Disney Princess, a mixture of my three favorite princesses. Princess Ariel, because of her rebellious and daring personality, and how she would stop at nothing to be with the one that she loved. Princess Belle, because of her desire for adventure, and her ability to look past appearance and see the beauty and good in everyone, even a Beast. Princess Rapunzel, because of her spunky and courageous personality, and because I truly feel her pain of what it is like to “brush and brush and brush and brush my hair!” I have a big heart, and am never afraid to speak my mind. I believe that it is kind of fun to do the impossible, as quoted by the great Walt Disney himself.


28 thoughts on “The Princess Herself

    • danielleogo says:

      Wow I am glad people are understanding my references! But yes, I have been watching Beauty and the Beast ever since I was a little girl, so it’s safe to say I have the movie memorized! Thanks for your comment! 🙂


  1. Mysterious Beauties says:

    Just found your blog and it’s amazing!! I’ve been holidaying at Disneyworld since I was 6 weeks old when I went to Disneyland Paris. My first trip to Disneyworld Orlando was when I was 3. I would love to work in Disney one day and give back to the company, like yourself, for giving me amazing childhood memories!!

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