Stages of Applying for the Disney College Program

Applying for ANYTHING can be quite nerve wracking, and not to mention stressful. Although the application process for the Disney College Program is pretty simple and straight forward, it still can cause quite a bit of anxiety, mainly from wanting it so badly.


For me, I’ve had my eye on the Disney College Program ever since I was a freshman in college. Growing up with Disney, I could think of nothing better than spending five months interning for them, all while living at the most magical place on Earth. However, attending a four year private university made it a little more than difficult to take a semester off during my four years to participate, especially with gaining enough credit to graduate on time. In fact, that was nearly impossible without overloading on summer classes, which I was not looking to do. I knew the best, and only time, I could apply would be after I finished my four years and received my diploma. Knowing that, my entire senior year of college was stressful to say the least. I knew applications for the fall program opened right after I returned from my winter break, and the start of my second semester, but I was not prepared for how soon. I will never forget sitting in class waiting for the professor, casually scrolling on Facebook, and seeing a post from the Disney College Program page that it was time to apply. I immediately got insanely nervous, and could not pay attention to anything but that. Of course you are given a while to apply, but I wanted to get it over and done with, and be one of the first to apply. As a second semester senior, I really just wanted to KNOW once and for all what my plan was for after graduation, and I wanted this to be it. Let me just say, I spent a lot of late nights preparing and worrying about this application process.

The first step of applying is pre-applying, which is basically the time waiting to actually apply for the program. This is definitely the most worry-free time of the entire application process. It’s like, you know it’s coming, but you don’t know when, and you are totally and completely fine with that. It’s like you just want the entire process to be over before it even began.

The second step is finding out applications have actually opened. Cue the panic. No matter what you are applying for, it’s always stressful, no matter how easy the application process may be. It’s easy to freak out, trust me. You may just want to run away from the responsibility all together, but I promise you, the sooner you get it all done, the better! Don’t run, but apply!


The third step is the first round of the application, which is the basic web interview. After you fill out the basic information on the application, you will be sent soon a web based interview. This can seem a little tricky. You may want to answer how you think Disney would want you to answer, but then again you want to answer the way YOU want to answer. This can be confusing, and some of the questions for the web based interview are confusing. You are given a certain amount of time for each question, and the sheer panic of the possibility of your internet failing you crosses your mind about ten times a minute. I advise you to tell the truth on this web interview, because if you answer the way Disney wants you to answer, there’s a better shot of you messing up some of the questions. A lot of the answers are similar, and a way to fail the web interview is to have hypocritical answers that contradict each other.


The fourth step of the application process is the phone interview. You find out immediately after your web based interview if you have made it to the next round, the phone interviews. You sign up, and then it’s set in stone. That’s it. I had about two weeks to prepare, but I almost wish I had less time. Having two weeks time may seem nice, but it was too much. I started to overthink everything. The best part, however, about having two weeks was all that time to prepare. I spent so many late nights watching YouTube videos about the phone interview that I thought my eyes were going to bleed.


The fifth step of the application process is the waiting time between the phone interview, and that coveted email. I video taped myself during my phone interview for a number of reasons. First off to help keep myself smiling during my interview. Second, so I could go back after and hear my answers again, knowing I would be too nervous the first time to even recall anything I said. This is the part where you literally start to go insane. I began to think I completely messed up my phone interview. I would watch it over and over again, and the more times I watched it, the worse it became. I refreshed my email at least 100 times a day. This is by far the worst part of the process. Although it is nice knowing that you are done with the application itself, this time though becomes so insanely slow. I was lucky enough to hear back within a week, which was amazing. Some people have to wait months, which I cannot even imagine. I thought I was going crazy even after a week!


The final process (assuming you got accepted) is ACCEPTING YOUR OFFER! Seeing that congratulating email in your inbox is one of the best feelings, and it will put you on a new personal high. I seriously was on cloud nine. All of that work paid off, and it was official that I would be working for Walt Disney World. Accepting your offer is not difficult, you just have a few things you have to fill out, and figure out. Now, the only thing you have left to do is wait for your program to begin (which is the stage I am currently in.)



8 thoughts on “Stages of Applying for the Disney College Program

  1. Natalie Davis says:

    Danielle, this was so helpful and entertaining! I am hoping do the DCP when I am in college, and I am glad to learn some info about it! 🙂


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