Disney College Program Tag

Hello Disney Cousins! Whoa… I’m blogging. Well, sort of. I am VLOGGING (video blogging… who knew?) I was tagged by Michelle, one of my roommates from the Disney College Program, to do the Disney College Program Tag and I thought why not give this whole video blogging thing a go.

I apologize in advance for being annoying in this video. There’s a reason why I blog instead of make videos… Enjoy hearing me talk your ear off about the Disney College Program. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Disney College Program Tag

  1. Rob Blackwell says:

    That was so awesome Danielle. I am going to pass this along for my 14 year old daughter to watch as she wants to work in Disney sine day soon.
    We are into the vlogging as well. Disney freaks we are and vlog our trips.

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    • danielleogo says:

      Awesome Rob! I hope your daughter enjoys the video and I am sure she will be working at Walt Disney World soon enough! 🙂 I have to check out your YouTube page and vlogs!


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