Tips for Dining with the Master at Be Our Guest

Ever since it’s grand opening in November 2012, Be Our Guest Restaurant in New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom has proven to be one of the most popular places to eat. This restaurant is precisely the Beast’s castle brought to life, thus rightfully becoming the most coveted place on Walt Disney World property to score a reservation.


Here, you are welcome to a quick-service French-inspired breakfast and lunch. Or, you may join the Master for dinner in one of the three enchanted dining rooms inside of the castle. Now, as everyone knows from the 1991 film, Beauty and the Beast, the Master is quite finicky with who he allows in his castle, which may just be the reason why landing a reservation at this beautiful restaurant is nearly impossible. Or, you know, it may just be because this restaurant combines delectable food with a magical environment to create a place that is straight from one of Disney’s most popular movies. We may never know.

Luckily, there are a few things that you can do to help increase your chances of dining in this enchanted castle. Take it from someone who has a little bit of experience in this field of mastering the Be Our Guest reservation. Here are my secrets for landing that desired reservation at, in my opinion, the most magical place on Walt Disney World property.

Never give up on that reservation. Cancellations are NOT rare. I have found more success finding reservations the week of, or even night before, than I did far in advance. Disney gives the guest up to 24 hours to cancel reservations, or else they will charge the guest. Many times, people will book whatever reservation they can get, no matter the time, especially at a place like Be Our Guest. These are typically the reservations that get canceled… the REALLY early breakfasts, the REALLY late lunches, or the REALLY early dinners. You have to be prepared to take whatever reservation you can get for a place like this.

Make the My Disney Experience application your new best friend. Check this user-friendly application hourly for reservations the week of your trip. Check breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have had the most luck finding breakfast and lunch reservations, mainly because it is quick-service, and people come and go quicker than dinner. Usually, these reservations are not on the application for long, so keep checking, and never give up. I have been able to make an unreal amount of reservations using this.

Try to make a dinner reservation during a special ticketed event, like Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. Most people do not realize that Be Our Guest is still open during these parties. The chances of getting a dinner reservation during these events are greater due to the lesser amount of people present in the park. I often was able to find dinner reservations on party nights during my program, but sadly was unable to take the reservation. I did one time get lucky when I accidentally made a reservation on a party night, and a kind Cast Member helped bump my dinner reservation up to a time prior to the party. Props to you, you magical Cast Member.

If you wait until the day of your trip to Magic Kingdom, show up to the Be Our Guest podium FIRST thing in the morning, and see if they can fit you in sometime during the day. They may tell you to come back at a certain time, or they may tell you to wait around a bit. Either way, they should be able to find a place for you for one of the quick-service meals if you are one of the first to ask. Take whatever you can get. If you do not have a reservation for the restaurant, you are NOT even allowed to take a peak inside the enchanted castle. If you already have lunch reservations somewhere else, that is fine. Go to Be Our Guest for dessert, and order the grey stuff cupcake!

You may be wondering if Be Our Guest is really all it is hyped up to be. Well, I may be bias, but it is better than what it is hyped up to be. In my opinion, this is one of Walt Disney World’s greatest accomplishments at depicting a movie so throughly with the greatest attention to detail. This restaurant takes Disney’s attention to detail, and their most precise theming, to a whole new level. This restaurant makes you feel as if you just stepped directly into the film Beauty and the Beast. The Disney Imagineers really outdid themselves with this restaurant.

Here’s a little first hand look at what really went into planning and creating such a magical and enchanted place.


For me, finding Be Our Guest reservations were never a problem. Yes, I spent five months in Disney, so I had plenty of time… but I still was able to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Be Our Guest within a month of the start of my program. My personal favorite was dinner, but solely for the table dining experience. Also, it did not hurt that you were able to meet the Beast and thank him for your meal when you were all finished!

Persistence and determination is key to landing a dinner with the Master, and before you know it, the dining room will proudly be presenting your dinner!

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