How-To: Tell You Are a Disney College Program Alumni

Yes, the Disney College Program is a magical and wonderful experience, but all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, the program does not last forever, no matter how many times you may wish it (more specifically, during Wishes.) Adjusting back to life before the program is proven to be quite difficult. You are no longer in sun shiny Florida, living just minutes away from the most magical place on earth. There are a few ways to distinguish a Disney College Program Alumni from a crowd, and some things are just bound to happen to you, no matter what.

Here are some signs that show you are truly a Disney College Program Alumni.

Your first week back feels like you just stepped out of a fairytale, and are now being placed in the real world… which is actually a pretty scary place.


You quickly discover that not everyone you find has a smile on their face, and an overly friendly attitude. Except for you…


You start uncontrollably sobbing at the sight of any Walt Disney World commercial.


Most of your sentences begin with, “Well, when I was in Disney…”

You light up like a firecracker on the fourth of July whenever you hear someone merely talking about Disney.


The two-finger Disney point has become an everyday thing that you use everywhere from the grocery store to the comfort of your own home. No place is safe.


You truly feel what real boredom is. You no longer have the luxury of jumping in the car, or taking the bus, to your favorite park whenever you please. This, by far, is the hardest adjustment.


You start to rethink your entire life plan, trying to find a rhyme or reason that you should return to Walt Disney World to work. I mean, working in the parks forever cannot be THAT bad, right?


You can never watch another firework display again, unless it is at Walt Disney World of course. I mean, once you have seen the best, can anything really compare?


The Disney Store becomes your first stop every single mall visit, just because it gives you a glimpse of your real home. You go inside and talk to every cast member about how you used to be one too.

Also, it kills you shopping on the Disney Store website because you no longer have that magical discount, where it was like a never ending sale.


You watch your favorite Disney movie over, and over, and over, and over again, just to compensate for missing the characters, attractions, and so on. I mean, is there really any other movie besides a Disney movie anymore?


It becomes hard for you to keep track of time, mostly because before you always knew when it was 3:00 because of the parade, and 10:00 because of the fireworks.

You start to just put all of your clocks into military time, simply because you became so used to it during your program that it is the only way you know how to tell time anymore.


Every picture you post on any social media website is of Disney. Like seriously, you are starting to post more now about Disney than when you were actually in Disney. Riddle me that.

You find Walt Disney’s quotes the most motivational. There is just something about that man that hits you right in the feels.


You spend way too much time planning a not so realistic vacation to Walt Disney World. I mean, do you KNOW how much a one day ticket to Magic Kingdom is? Who cares, you try to swing it anyways.


No matter where life takes you, Walt Disney World will always be your home, and it will always be there for you to return to. Remember, take the dream with you, wherever you may go! (Rest In Peace Mickey Sorcerer Hat)


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