Disneyfied Look of the Day

Sometimes, all it takes is one piece to complete and really make an outfit. Sometimes, all you need is just one stand out piece, and the rest kind of just falls together. While spending five wonderful months living in Walt Disney World, I have (what I like to think) come close to perfecting this whole “Disneyfied” look, and what better place to do so? I hardly ever went to play in the parks without SOME piece of Disney clothing on, but I found a way to do so in a subtle, less stand out-ish way.

Clearly, I am a HUGE fan of the Disney princesses. Chances are if there was something adorned with a Disney princess on it, I owned it. It was a slight problem I would say. Since I spent about 95% of my time at Magic Kingdom (no exaggeration,) I really liked to go all out in my princess attire. It was the absolute perfect scenario.

I knew when I first laid eyes on a pair of princess silk pants one night from Tren-D at Disney Springs, I would end up caving in to buy them. I did walk away from them that very first night. I mean, I wanted to make sure I REALLY wanted them… but who was I kidding? The very next time I saw them at the Contemporary, I bought them. The only thing is, they are a tad obnoxious, so I knew I had to be careful what I paired them with.

So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the princess pants that are my Disneyfied Look of the Day!




Alright, now how adorable are these pants? I knew they were risky, and just totally screamed Disney, but I LIVED there… I had no excuse not to buy them. They have all my favorites on it, including Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tiana, Aurora, Jasmine, and Snow White. Here, I paired them with a cropped black top from Forever 21, and a pair of wedges. These pants are a little long, and a tad high waisted, so I thought this shirt was the perfect fit for them. It is a must to wear a solid color with this print. Now, let me tell you, I received more compliments on these pants than anything I have ever worn. It was absolutely ridiculous. People even thought I made these pants myself, like, I wish I was that talented. Plus, Belle made a comment about how much she loved my pants! The most important critic.

The only catch is, now that I am back home, I really cannot see myself wearing these pants out of the house. I did go to pick up my sister from the airport in them (IN ORLANDO,) and felt like I got some weird looks. I will absolutely lounge in them, because they are so insanely comfortable. I just wish it was more socially acceptable to wear these pants outside of the Magic Kingdom. Oh well, that will not stop me. Trust me. Oh! Last but not least, every princess wearing these adorable and stylish pants obviously needs a tiara.


5 thoughts on “Disneyfied Look of the Day

  1. Natalie Davis says:

    Those pants are just plain adorable, and I totally understand why you couldn’t help yourself from buying them! 🙂 I love this look, and I also love your princess shoes in the photo!


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