Coming Soon from Walt Disney World…

“When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.” — Walter Elias Disney

Walt Disney World has always been a special, and magical place for me. I have spent countless vacations here as a guest visiting Cinderella’s Castle, and for the past three months, I have had the opportunity to help create the magic I have always experienced. When I was a little girl, there was nothing I wanted more than to live at Walt Disney World, my absolute favorite place. It was always, at the time, a far-fetched dream of mine. That dream of mine never faded away, and it was not until recently that I realized I could make that dream I had as a little girl a reality.


I always believed that I could become a Walt Disney World Cast Member, and I have been living out that dream for the past three months, and could not be happier doing so. As Walt Disney himself said, I believed in that dream all the way. With that, I am pleased to announce that I have been offered an extension of my program here at Walt Disney World to continue making the magic at my favorite place on Earth.


For me, accepting this extension was not a difficult decision. The past three months have been some of the best months of my life, and to think it was all coming to an end made my heart ache. I have found a place where I feel like I belong, and I have found a job that makes me look forward to work. No, I do not want to be a merchandise Cast Member for the rest of my life, but hey, I am 23 years old and just graduated with a four year degree… I deserve to have a little fun!

Of course I miss home, and I will continue to miss home until May, but I am lucky enough to have a family that supports my decision to continue to follow my dream. Walt Disney World truly is it’s own little world, where magical things happen every single day. Who would not want to work at a place where people come from all over the world, just to experience that magic? That magic happens BECAUSE of the Cast Members, and I am lucky enough to call myself one.

It takes people to make Walt’s dream a reality, and I am honored to be chosen as one of those people to continue Walt’s dream. I will continue making the magic at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, which has easily become one of my favorite resorts and hang outs, even on my off days.

Working at Walt Disney World has taught me many things, but most importantly it has taught me that the smallest things can go a long way. Everyone here has a story, however, everyone here comes with a common purpose, and that is to find magic and happiness. Here, I have entered a world of make believe and helping dreams come true.



9 thoughts on “Coming Soon from Walt Disney World…

  1. Regina Meno says:

    Congrats Honey! This is awesome news! Continue making the magic for others while enjoying a little if it for yourself! So proud of you, Princess Danielle, my very special goddaughter!

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