Making Magic as a Walt Disney World Cast Member

I was five months old when I first experienced the magic that is Walt Disney World. Of course I was a bit too young to remember anything about that trip, but little did I know that that trip would just be the beginning of an amazing life, filled with Walt Disney magic.


I went to Walt Disney World several times a year for many years. My family owned a condo in West Palm Beach, and would escape the cold winter New York months there. We would often take drives to Orlando, and stay at the Contemporary, Polynesian, or The Grand Floridian. Just about all of my wonderful childhood memories occurred at the most magical place on Earth, and to that I owe a major thanks to the cast members.


Yes, Walt Disney World is a magical place all on it’s own, but a lot of that magic is created and re-enhanced through the cast members. The cast members put work in every day to help keep Walt’s dream and vision alive. Have you ever noticed how nice and friendly everyone is working in Disney? That is partially what makes the vacation so memorable. Everyone is so helpful, and so cheerful, and it definitely is a different world compared to reality.

Walt Disney World is a place for people of all ages, and everyone can appreciate nice people. This is one of the reasons I am so excited, honored, and thankful for this opportunity to become a Disney cast member. I am now going to be creating these wonderful and magical memories for another child, who could remember that Walt Disney World vacation for the rest of their life. It’s almost like I’ve come full circle by accepting this internship. All of my fondest childhood memories occurred at Walt Disney World, and now I can hopefully help create the same for another little princess in training.


In a way, I’ll be giving back to Walt Disney, and directly thanking him for playing such a major part in my life. I’m so excited to experience what goes on behind the scenes, and be able to learn the operation of such an enormous company and franchise. I promise to always keep sight of  one thing, that it all started with a mouse.


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