More Than A Feeling: My Inside Out Review

Disney Pixar has released over time a great deal of classic and original animated films, including Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, Monster’s Inc, and Up. Being added to that list of films is now Inside Out, a story about the little voices inside our head, and the emotions that they create. I really, really, really enjoyed this film. The concept was so different than anything the animated world has done before, taking a dive deep into our subconscious. This film made you laugh, it made you cry, and it made you think. I can always count on Pixar to bring about a totally new concept for a story, and turn it into a mega hit. This original story is not only enjoyable for kids, but for adults as well.


This film gave me a feel of nostalgia. The film revolved around an 11-year-old girl named Riley, who was in for a whirlwind when she moved from her country home in Minnesota to the busy streets of San Fransisco. She had memories of playing hockey, and hanging out with her friends, all memories that were considered to be the core memories. This made me think about my core memories. The entire concept for the way the brain works in this film was actually quite interesting. Riley would create a memory, that memory would come out either with joy, anger, sadness, disgust, or fear. It then would be stored, and soon turned into long term memory. However, important events would be moved to the core memories. There were also islands that connected to the headquarters of Riley’s brain, and those islands were what made Riley, Riley. Those islands included honesty, friendship, family, goofy, and hockey. They were her interests, and they were all connected and would be up and running when Riley was involved in one of them.

I thought this film was extremely inventive. The whole concept was great, and I really enjoyed it. It really got me thinking, and was powerfully moving. The film documented 11653299_10152932199481629_456695947_nstages of growing up, which everyone can relate to, making it appropriate for the entire family. All parts of Riley’s brain were explored during this film, including the subconscious, abstract thought, and imagination. The way that Pixar portrayed each of these parts of the brain was outstanding, and put a visual to something that everyone has.

My personal favorite emotion was disgust. She was sassy, and was not afraid to hold back. Fear gave the audience quite a few laughs, including myself. The way these emotions were portrayed was on point.

Last but not least, I could not review a Pixar film without reviewing it’s short. This is something I truly love about Pixar films. The shorts before the film are always so creative, and tell a story in just a matter of minutes. Still one of my favorite Pixar short’s of all time is the one with the bird’s on a wire. That short never fails to make me laugh. The short before Inside Out was called Lava. I absolutely loved this, like an unreal amount. It was a love story told through a song about two volcanoes. This may not sound romantic, but it was a heartbreakingly beautiful love story. It was such a cute, emotional story, with a catchy song to go along with it, which was perfect for a film about emotions. The single song narrates the entire plot, and in my opinion was one of Pixar’s best animated shorts (and not just because there were dolphins in it!)



9 thoughts on “More Than A Feeling: My Inside Out Review

  1. Sophie says:

    Inside Out doesn’t come out here in the UK till late next month! But from what I’ve been hearing it sounds fantastic, plus Amy Poehler is just incredible at everything she’s in.


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