Disneyfied Gifts for Dad

Tomorrow is a day meant for honoring fathers, grandfathers, step fathers, and all father figures. It’s Father’s Day. Need some last minute ideas for some Disneyfied gifts for Dad? Whether your Dad is a fan of Pixar, Star Wars, or the famous Mouse himself, there is something out there that will make your Dad feel special on his special day! From the great Mufasa, to the devoted Marlin, to the protective King Triton, make your Dad feel apart of this famous tribe with one of these Disneyfied gifts!

Men’s Finding Nemo Father of the Year T-Shirt from Target– This “Father of the Year” shirt will make your Dad feel exactly that. He will be compared to the loyal and dedicated Marlin who stopped at absolutely nothing to find his son, Nemo.

tumblr_m5rvfvCnSK1r1ogfco10_1280Mickey Mouse Icon Watch for Men from Disney Store– This stylish watch is both practical, and Disneyfied, sporting Mickey Mouse ears right in the middle. The black stainless steel watch is perfect for any occasion, and is both athletic yet clean cut.

Woody Mug from Disney Store– You’ve got a friend in me! Who doesn’t want to drink their morning coffee out of this Toy Story Woody mug? Put a smile on your Dad’s face every morning when he sips his cup of joe out of this playful mug.

Disney Mickey Mouse Crew Socks from Vans– The perfect way to add Disney to any look, especially for guys! These crew socks are classic, yet fun.

Darth Vadar Polo Shirt from Disney Store– Just picture your Dad walking around the house saying I am your Father in this athletic cotton polo shirt.

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