Motivational Monday

Welcome to the start of yet another month, June. June is such a great month, it’s the start of summer, and the end of school for a lot of people. Time to start relaxing and enjoying some sunshine. How could someone NOT be happy in June? I mean, look around you. The sky is blue and the sun is out. Happiness is all about the way you look at things, according to Walt Disney. For this Motivational Monday, Walt describes what he believes happiness is.


This is kind of a glass half full and optimistic philosophy. Everybody has the opportunity to be happy, they just have to see the good in life, instead of the bad. As Walt said, happiness is a state of mind, all depending on the way that one views their surroundings. If one person solely sees the bad things in life, they will surely be pessimistic and far from happy. However, there is a little bit of good in every single day, and seeing the good can make anybody happy.


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