Favorite Things Friday: Walt Disney World Resort Pools

Temperatures are rising, and pools are opening. Summer is just about here! *WEEEEE* I’m almost as excited for summer as Olaf. I mean, what could be better than 80 degree weather, floating along in the pool, getting gorgeously tan with a drink in hand? Absolutely nothing my friends. I have officially finished my senior year of college, and now I’m free to enjoy this beautiful spring/summer weather. I think a pool is completely essential to having a cool and relaxing summer, and that includes on vacations as well.

Walt Disney World may be known for their parks, but they also have excellent resorts with even better pools. After a long morning at your favorite park, sometimes all you need to do is cool off, and what better way to do that than at your resort pool. For this Favorite Things Friday, I have made a list of, in my opinion, the greatest pools at various Walt Disney World resorts!

1. Beach Club— This resort is home to my all time favorite pool, and it doesn’t even feel like you are at a pool! With the sandy bottoms, this pool makes you feel like you

Stormalong Bay at Disney's Beach Club

Stormalong Bay at Disney’s Beach Club

are sitting beach side with your toes in the water. According to the Walt Disney World Resort webpage, the beachside wonderland that is Stormalong Bay has about 750,000 gallons of water, and three acres of aquatic fun! There is an awesome shipwreck waterslide that looks like it’s straight out of one of the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

2. Grand Floridian Resort— Everything about this resort is elegant, and no detail is left unnoticed, including it’s pools. One of the pools is similar to the Beach Club with the entrance to the pool similar to that of a beach. There are cascading waterfalls and a walking bridge, creating a relaxing and serene environment. Everything about this resort astonishes me, and the pools are no exception.

3. Art of Animation— Although I will not be visiting this playful resort until my Disney College Program, the pictures of the pools here speak for themselves. There are three pools at this resort, The Big Blue Pool, Cozy Cone Pool, and the Flippin’ Fins Pool. The Big Blue Pool is modeled after Disney Pixar’s Finding Nemo, and is the largest hotel

Disney's Art of Animation

Disney’s Art of Animation

pool in all of the Walt Disney World Resort. There are giant animated pieces of Crush, Nemo, and other characters from the film. There are also UNDERWATER speakers playing some of your favorite Disney songs, so you can even have a Disney experience UNDER the water!

4. BoardWalk Inn— The pools here are carnival themed with adorable elephants circling the pools, how awesome is that?! There is also a giant waterslide with a face of a clown! It’s actually pretty cool, and has a real boardwalk and amusement park feel to it, without the hustle and bustle. The elephant statues were always my favorite growing up.

5. Polynesian Village Resort— There is a VOLCANO in this pool. Enough said.

What is your favorite Walt Disney World Resort pool?!


6 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday: Walt Disney World Resort Pools

  1. Natalie Davis says:

    I haven’t stayed at a Disney resort since I was a baby because my family is a family of eight! The pools you wrote about sound super cool! unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay at Disney resort until I am an adult because it be so much money for my family to do so! Great post!😀


  2. Jenny W-K says:

    We love staying at the Art of Animation resort. The suites are perfect for families, and the details at this resort are wonderful. My daughter loves all the bright colors. Not only is the Big Blue Pool a great pool, but they have a splash pad near by for little ones. For a value resort, it’s pretty awesome.


    • danielleogo says:

      I’ve never been, but have only heard great things about it! It seems very detail oriented, and family oriented as well. So glad to hear that it’s an awesome value resort! 🙂 Thanks for your input!


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