Merch Madness: “In Summer” Edition

It is not OFFICIALLY summer until June 21st, but if you ask me, it is certainly starting to feel like summer! We did just have a cold front, however, so the weather is still a little jumpy. If you are anxious for summer to officially arrive, like myself, then what I suggest is preparing yourself for summer in every way possible, especially with merchandise. No summer is complete without some Disney mAibjGRLzTerchandise, and I have complied a list that should do just the trick!

Mickey Mouse Tote- Summer Fun— This whimsical Mickey Mouse tote is exactly what you will need for those days spent at the beach with your toes in the sand. Whether you are headed to the beach, a cookout, or even just a friend’s pool, this large tote bag will come in handy to carry all of that sunscreen, beach towels, swim goggles, and all your summer needs!

Mickey Mouse Mini Speaker— If you are like me, it is almost impossible to lay out without listening to some music. Whether I am at the beach, or laying out by my pool, I am constantly listening to music. What would make my music listening experience THAT much better would be this portable Mickey Mouse speaker! This speaker can hook up to just about anything, so make that playlist and start jamming!

Disney Frozen I Love Summer Girls T-Shirt— This shirt speaks for itself. What better way to show off your love for summer (and possibly Olaf) than with this adorable shirt! Pair this shirt with a pair of cut off shorts, and you are ready to head to that bonfire!

Disney Thgiphye Little Mermaid Green Swim Cover Up— Darling it’s better under the sea! However, unlike Ariel, us human’s cannot spend all day under the water. So, when it’s time to get out and dry off, throw on this adorable Little Mermaid green swim cover up and it will be like you never got out!

Minnie Mouse Beach Towel— Beach towels are essential to any hot summer day, and this red Minnie Mouse beach towel is too cute to pass up!


7 thoughts on “Merch Madness: “In Summer” Edition

  1. funlovintravelers says:

    I am loving Hot Topics Disney stuff! It’s all so cute. I actually bought a Kingdom Hearts tank b/c I am obsessed with that game! I really wanted to buy the Little Mermaid dress but they didn’t have my size in my local store.


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