Keep Moving Forward

I know I know, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but this past week has been absolutely insane. I’ve finished up finals, began preparing for graduation activities, packed up the past two years of my life, GRADUATED, moved out of my apartment, and now am in the process of moving BACK into my room at home. Needless to say, I have barely had a moment to breathe, let alone blog. I’ve decided to focus this post on graduation, and some things I have learned as a college student (don’t worry, Disney will be incorporated in there as always!)


Warning, this post will get sentimental and sappy.

For starters, never take college for granted in general. This is the one time in your life where you can have the best of both worlds. You are not quite an adult, but no longer considered a teenager. You are in limbo, but a good kind of limbo. It’s not essential to have a job while at school, and your only responsibilities include reading, doing homework, writing papers, and studying for tests. You have on average five classes total a semester, and you are given a ton of time off. It is so easy to get caught up in the work load, but take a step back and handle things one thing at a time. Your life really is not all that hard. When else would it be perfectly acceptable to party until 3:00 in the morning every weekend? Let me tell you, the answer is never. College is a great stepping stone into what they call “the real world,” and it is a lot of fun along the way, just remember to simply enjoy it while you still can.

Secondly, a crucial thing I’ve learned in college is time management. It seems as if all professors scheme together to make sure that all of your projects, tests, and homework assignments are due on the exact same day. DO NOT PANIC. Handle one thing at a time, and make sure to take breaks. I found that success in college and good time management skills go hand in hand. I mean, how well can you do on a test that you decided to cram for the night before, versus studying a little bit each day for a week? Learn how to balance your time, and priorities, and I promise you will find college all that much more simple. Also, time management is something that you will take with you long after you turn your tassel.

College is a time to find yourself. As corny as that may sound, it’s the truth. Do things you have never done before, try things you have never thought of trying. Again, this is corny, but you are only in college once. This is your first time on your own, and you are given a new found freedom that you have never had. The way you handle that freedom defines who you are. You are forced to make your own decisions, and you literally have the power to decide your future. I have learned so much about myself during my four years away at college, and I have grown into the person I am today. My college experiences, and education, have shaped me, and for that I am thankful.

These are some things I would love to have known as a freshman, but I am glad I have figured them out on my own. I am in control of my future, and my dreams. There is no better word to describe graduating from college than bittersweet. It is sad leaving behind a place that you have made your home for four years, with friends and roommates that have turned into family. However, it is also exhilarating thinking about where you can go with your education, and what you have learned. Believe it or not, college has prepared each and every student for something new, including myself.

Personally, I am ready to close one chapter and open the next. I know there is no better way than to begin my journey as a graduate than at a place I also grew up, Walt Disney World. I have formed so many memories there, and Walt Disney World has played a major role in my life, not only through the parks but through the films as well. I am curious to see where my life will lead me, and in the words of Walt Disney himself, I will keep moving forward, because curiosity leads us down new paths, and I cannot wait to find out what those new paths may be.

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