Motivational Monday

Wow, what a beautiful weekend! Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day, and had a sunshine filled weekend. Well, it’s official, I’m officially done with my senior year of college (and EVER!) The only adjective I can describe this feeling with is weird. I don’t think it will hit me that August that I will not be returning to St. Bonaventure University for another year of college. It feels like time is absolutely flying by. I mean, I’ll be wearing a cap and gown Sunday and receiving my diploma. SO so so so so weird, but exciting at the same time. This week’s Motivational Monday definitely is for all of the college graduates out there getting ready to leave something so familiar behind, and dive into the unknown.


If you focus on what you’ve left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead.

Alright everyone, I know it’s sad leaving your college days behind, and trust me, I’m not fully ready to do that either. It’s now time to enter the “real world” as some may say, and that’s a scary thing. It’s hard to to leave such a big part of your life behind, and move onto bigger things in a big, crazy world. However, if you spend your time focusing and mourning what you have left behind, you will never be able to fully move on and see your full potential. Those four years of college have been more than creating friendships and having fun, those four years also prepared us, and matured us for that “real world” that everyone keeps talking about. Those four, great years were just building blocks for the rest of our lives, and although we may miss it, there is a great, big, beautiful tomorrow that lies ahead.


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