Finals Week, as told by Disney Characters

The dreaded time has come, finals week. The week that all college student’s have been fearing since the start of the semester. The week that we all go insane, shower less, eat foods that are bad for you, consume endless amounts of caffeine, and spend countless hours in the dreary library. Not to mention, the weather is FINALLY beginning to warm up, making attention spans smaller and motivation harder to find. Let me tell you, being a senior during finals week is like a double whammy. I am COMPLETELY checked out. My brain is on vacation mode, summer mode, work mode, and Disney mode.

So, if watching the calendar change from April to May makes you want to cry, you are not alone. The semester is coming to an end, and finals are upon us… No more fun and games.


The list of things to do keeps on piling up, but you put everything off until the last possible minute. You try to hide from your responsibilities, but that will only work for so long.


You literally do everything, and anything, you can to put the work off, telling yourself that it’s all alright and it will all get done. When asked about finals or projects, you want absolutely nothing to do with the conversation.


You finally realize you can no longer put the studying off, and decide to take on the sleepless nights, long study guides, and hand cramps head on.


You walk into the library (one of the few times you have been there all semester,) and immediately start to chat with all of your friends. You instantly feel empowered, like there is nothing you cannot learn.


Then, it all starts to catch up to you, and you begin to think that you belong in the nuthouse. You are running on ten cups of coffee, a few bites of food, and three hours of sleep…


To try and compensate for the lack of sleep, your energy source has turned into coffee and caffeinated beverages. After the exhausted stage, you go into the overly caffeinated stage.


Finally, the time has come to take your very first final. You are sitting there in your seat, waiting for your professor to hand out the exam, and your mind begins to go blank. You finally get the exam placed on your desk, but you are too scared to even look.


50 multiple choice, 20 fill in the blank, and 2 essay questions later… AND YOU ARE DONE! (and exhausted)


Congratulations! You have made it to the finish line! Now, we just wait for the grades, and tell your parent’s that you did the best you could.


Finish strong, Disney fans! I know you all can do it! 

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