Disneyfied Look of the Day

Ahhhh spring is in the air, and I mean literally. Red and itchy eyes, a runny nose, and constant sneezing can only mean one thing, spring time allergies, but I’m not complaining. Spring also means bright colors, and light and airy clothing. I love the weather of spring. It’s not too hot and not too cold. My Disneyfied Look of the Day incorporates these different looks of spring, while also adding a little Frozen flare.

Disneyfied Tank– This tank is not something to let go of. It’s simply adorable, with all my favorite Frozen characters on it (except for Sven, it’s missing him!) The grey and black faded colors mIMG_4971akes it easy to pair with almost anything, and it’s super comfortable too! I like how it looks almost like a laid back movie poster. This tank is from Forever 21, and is perfect to wear alone in the summer with a pair of cut off shorts to show off your Disney Side!

Black Kimono– This light and airy black kimono from Pac Sun can be paired with anything, and is one of my favorite spring purchases I have ever bought. It goes with so much, and makes any look complete. I love the black strings at the bottom, and the sheer black fabric.

Light Green Capris– These Lauren Conrad capris from Kohl’s fit perfectly! They add that spring-tastic pop of color, and can be worn for hours. With a pair of flip flops or sperry’s, this look is perfect for any spring time activity, including long walks, ice cream trips, or in my case, endless baseball games.

What do you guys think of this frozen spring-time fever look?

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