Favorite Things Friday: Disney Channel Television Shows

Well hello Disney fans! It’s the first day of May. Spring (fingers crossed) is here for good, and summer is right around the corner. Summer is by far my favorite time of the year. Good weather puts me in a good mood, and there’s a lot of that in summer. I’ve been noticing more and more that Disney Channel, and at times ABC Family, host a throwback night on their channels, and play some “old” Disney Channel shows! Sadly, these usually occur during the wee hours of the morning, but that is the beauty of DVR. For this Favorite Things Friday, I decided to take you guys back to your younger days, and talk about the “old” Disney Channel Television Shows!

1. Lizzie McGuire— Hey now, hey now! This is what Disney Chaa1b8621b6930e7fd4250a2696267d48fnnel shows were made of. When I was younger, Hilary Duff was literally my idol. I’ve seen her countless times in concert and cried a few times too. Lizzie was just your everyday girl living the teenage life. Her innersole would narrate the show from time to time in the cartoon version of herself, where she speaks what is REALLY on her mind. I always wanted best friends like Miranda and Gordo, but thank the Lord I didn’t have a Kate Sanders in my life back in my middle school days. This was by far the BEST show on Disney, and adorned the best hairstyles!

2. Hannah Montana— Miley Stewart lived the best of both worlds, and I wanted to be apart of both. Student by day, pop star by night. She was the average teenage girl, except she had a tiny little secret, she was also pop sensation Hannah Montana. I loved the music in this show, especially “Rockstar.” This was obviously the show where Miley Cyrus had her start as an actress and musician. This show was a mix of quirky, musical, rothats_so_ravenmantic, and comedy. Not to mention, this show had a great movie to go along with it!

3. That’s So Raven— Yepp thats her! Raven Baxter had the amazing ability to see into the future, even though it sometimes got her into trouble. With the help of her friends Eddie and Chelsea, and her visions, Raven was able to change some of life’s outcomes. Raven was always so hysterical, and was always fun to watch get out of sticky situations!

4. Wizards of Waverly Place— This fantasy comedy about a family of wizard’s in an ordinary world is full of magic. The Russo clan tried to fit in the best they could, while still trying to learn how to become better wizards. Selena Gomez got her start on this show, and I surprisingly loved this show. In my opinion, this was the last good show on Disney Channel.

5. Jonas— This show may have been short lived, but it was good while it lasted. This jonas_brothers_1428744cshow did not get the credit it deserved. I mean, who remembers the song “I fell in love with the pizza girllll?” This song was great, and the acting wasn’t half bad either. I know I may be bias with this show, considering I was a HUGE Jonas Brother fan, but I still thought this show was hilarious and I found myself singing along every episode.

13 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday: Disney Channel Television Shows

  1. mk10pl says:

    I miss the days of Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven, the show’s on now aren’t that great unfourtunatluly. I also liked Even Stevens, I think it was on that channel. Some of these shows on now make me wonder what kind of stuff will be on when MY kids watch it someday!


    • danielleogo says:

      I miss the days of those shows too! That’s exactly what I’m saying. I’m not sure if I just grew up and stopped liking those kind of shows, but the shows on Disney now do not live up to the shows of our childhood! Even Stevens was a good show too on Disney! I want to show my kids Lizzie McGuire, for sure.


  2. marywdw says:

    I loved Lizzie McGuire! I think we had the best Disney Channel shows and movies during our childhood. I also always enjoyed Phil of the Future. I can’t watch anything other than the old shows or Girl Meets World on Disney Channel these days. And I only occasionally watch Girl Meets World to see the old Boy Meets World characters, haha.


    • danielleogo says:

      I agree with you completely! I think we had the best shows by far on Disney Channel, but I cannot tell if I am bias! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that. I do try to give the shows now a chance, but so much has changed! Girl Meets World is not bad, but nothing compared to Boy Meets World!


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