The Debate: Best Snack at Walt Disney World

So, it’s the ever-pressing debate. Which snack food at the Walt Disney World Resort holds the coveted spot as being “the best?” Is it the classic and timeless Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, the decadent Turkey Leg, the refreshing Dole Whip or Citrus Swirl, the creamy Cookies ‘N Cream Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich, the salty Mickey pretzel, or the cinnamon-sugar filled Churro? Well, I must admit, this decision is a tough one. All of these snacks have become trademarks of the Walt Disney World Resort, and everyone has a preference.

Personally, I’m a Cookies ‘N Cream Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich kind of girl, but that does not mean that I do not enjoy a nice and warm Churro every once in a while. This question has been asked countless times, and even the Walt Disney World official twitter account tweeted, and instagramed about this controversial topic.

No need to fear, my friends. I am here to get to the bottom of this, and find out which iconic snack will be deemed the best of Walt Disney World!


Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar— You may ask, what makes this classic vanilla ice cream bar dipped in chocolate so special? Well, it’s shape, of course. This simple yet delicious cold and creamy snack is one of the most in demand treats in the park, and merchandise was even created in honor of it. From Mickey Ear hats, to Christmas ornaments, to air fresheners, to trading pins, to Vinylmation, and more, this premium dessert has won over the hearts of so many and is a trademark of the parks.


Turkey Leg— These gigantic and meaty turkey drumsticks are becoming more and more popular, and have even landed themselves on the front page of the New York Times. The smokey smell draws people in by the dozens, and provides a decadent snack that keeps you full. The taste of this enormous hunk of meat is one of a kind, and can only be found at the Disney Parks. Just like the Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, merchandise has been dealt out for the devoted fans of this snack, including shirts, sweatshirts, air fresheners, baseball hats, wallets, and even other snacks around the park like the Turkey-Leg Shaped Krispy Treat!

Citrus Swirl

Citrus Swirl

Dole Whip

Dole Whip

Dole Whip & Citrus Swirl— It is dangerous territory pairing these two refreshing snacks together, seeing that there is a debate between the two in which one is better. I hate to break it to you, but these both are pretty similar treats. The Dole Whip is pineapple, while the Citrus Swirl is orange, so it depends on your preference. Both are creamy, sweet, and satisfying desserts. The texture of each is a bit different, but both, in the end, are delicious citrus-y snacks that are exclusive to the Walt Disney World Resort (well, the Citrus Swirl is. I hate to burst the bubble of the Dole Whip lovers, but Pineapple Flavored Dole soft serve is available five minutes from my house…)


Cookies ‘N Cream Mickey Ice Cream Sandwich— Ahhhh, my favorite snack. To be honest, I’ve always loved ice cream sandwiches, but what makes this one so much better is the cookies ‘n cream ice cream in the center. This makes this snack so unique, and not to mention it’s shaped as Mickey Mouse! The actual cookie outside tastes better to me, and more like a cookie, than the typical ice cream sandwich. This sandwich often gets over looked by the Premium Mickey Ice Cream Bar, but to me, this is a hidden gem of the Walt Disney World snacks.


Mickey Pretzel— Probably the healthiest snack on the list, this adorable salty snack hits the spot, and won’t give you the guilt afterwards that the ice cream and sweet treats may give you. This comes with a delicious and gooey cheese dip, creating the perfect combination. If you are more in the mood for a nice hot treat (and may be a vegetarian), the Mickey Pretzel is the perfect snack for you!


Churro— Last but not least, the Churro. These long, cinnamon-sugar filled sticks are similar to a doughnut texture. Sometimes, all you want is a small savory snack, and if that is the case, the churro is for you. These sticks can be eaten while standing in line for rides, and leave you with a lasting impression. This irresistible treat is essential for some people on their trip to the park.

Alright, now it’s up to you. I have asked some family and friends about which Walt Disney World snack they prefer, and these are the results!

In the lead, we have the Churro with three votes, then we have a three way tie between the Premium Ice Cream Bar, Dole Whip, and Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Cream Sandwich, and last but not least we have the Turkey Leg.

In your opinion, what is the BEST snack at Walt Disney World?!

Princess Danielle


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