Disney College Program: Vista Way All The Way

Guest blogger and Walt Disney World Alumni Cast Member Zack has decided to lend his talents to this great blog yet again, and this time he is talking about his experience living in Vista Way during his Fall 2012 Disney College Program. Welcome back, Zack!

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Hello fellow fans of Princess Danielle’s blog. It’s Zack here again to talk about my favorite topic… the Disney College Program!

So, while completing the DCP (Disney College Program), you will be living in Disney sponsored housing. There are a total of four complexes– Vista Way, The Commons, Chatham Square, and Patterson Court. All complexes are equipped with fully furnished apartments, pools, and gyms. Bus transportation is also provided to all for those without a car (for Patterson, you have to walk across the street to the Chatham Bus Stop.)

When I did my first program in 2012, I lived in Vista Way. Now, there are a lot of blogs and people out there who hate on Vista but let me clear the air. Vista is the best! They have a reputation for throwing crazy parties and honestly, that’s not all that true. College kids are going to party wherever they live. The security in the complex will break up anything that seems to be an issue and anything involving alcohol from a wellness apartment (under 21.)

They are actually renovating Vista apartments now. They are replacing the carpet in the rooms with hardwood floors, painting the white walls with a nice tan color, and replacing the kitchen cabinets and countertops. These updates are much needed, considering Vista Way has been in operation since the 1980’s.

Another positive thing about living in Vista Way is the fact that it is walking distance from a lot of useful places. Walgreens is literally across the street, and that comes in handy for anything you need last minute. There is a gas station right next door and both a Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A next to that. Let me just say, after a long day of work, you really will not want to cook anything. I would often get off the bus and walk to Chick-fil-A and have a great dinner that way (careful… this becomes addicting and you will miss it and go through withdrawal.)

Finally, the best benefit about living in Vista Way is that extra money in your pocket. Vista has the cheapest rent out of all the complexes. This gives you more money every week for groceries, merchandise, or just to save. In my opinion, it’s not worth it to choose the “prettiest” complex and pay more in rent. How much free time do you plan to spend in the apartment anyway when you can get into the parks for free?


My apartment at Vista Way


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