Motivational Monday

Happy Motivational Monday dreamers! Is it just me, or do the weeks and weekends seem to be flying by? If you are a Catholic, then this week for you is considered Holy Week in anticipation of Easter this upcoming Sunday. During Lent, or the time before Easter, it is said that you should make sacrifices and give. This Motivational Monday is inspired by that. We do not need to give a lot to be a giver, but only a little. Those little things can make the biggest impacts on people.


One does not need to do big things to make a big impact on someone. Sometimes, the small things mean the most, and take up the most room in your heart, just like what Piglet said. You do not need to have some huge extravagant plan to show somebody that you care for them. All you have to do is think about that person, and think about what they may like, and do little things for them. After all, the little things add up. In the season of Lent, and this final stretch of Holy Week, try and do little things for the people you care about. You do not need to give all of your savings to someone you care about, but instead maybe write them a letter telling them how much you appreciate them, or even bring them their favorite snack and surprise them. It truly is the little things in life that mean the most, and they fill your heart with love and joy.

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