Favorite Things Friday: Disney Live-Action Films

Happy Friday everyone! Walt Disney Picture’s has created a countless number of classic animated films. However, they also have created so many great live-action films as well. These are some of my favorite Disney live-action films!

1. Pirates of the Caribbean— Pretty much the first three in this series are some of my all-time favorite movies. These movies are done so well, and the storyline in them simply draws you in. Not to mention the amazingly funny character played by Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow. My personal favorite was Will Turner, played by the Jack_and_Willdreamy Orlando Bloom. One of my favorite rides at Magic Kingdom has always been Pirates of the Caribbean, so when the first film came out in 2006, I was psyched to see it. It definitely lived up to it’s expectations, and incorporated many crucial parts from the ride into the movie, including the famous musical score. I could watch these movies over and over again, and never get bored.

2. The Parent Trap— Talk about a classic! I have to admit, I always thought that Lindsey Lohan was a twin for years because of this movie. This was just such a heartwarming story, and the acting in it was wonderful. This movie gave me hope that I could possibly have a twin, and I always went back and forth to myself if I would rather live in London or Napa Valley. Still, to this day, I think about this film every single time I eat my oreo’s with peanut butter.

3. Saving Mr. Banks— This film, although darker than I expected, was truly magical and inspiring. Watching the film Mary Poppins as a little girl, I obviously was never aware of the controversy60b847d4a6c4e2aab68e53297e986f7b37fb1c09 that came with making this film. I also did not know that Mary Poppins was based off of a real person. Watching this film brought me back to my earlier days when I would watch Mary Poppins, and it was like I was watching it for the first time. I really loved seeing Walt Disney being portrayed in a film, and I was even more inspired by him after seeing this film. This emotional movie takes you behind the scenes of one of Walt Disney’s Studios greatest films, starring the talented and always wonderful Julie Andrews.

4. Enchanted— This movie is a perfect mixture of animated fairytale and live-action love story. Honestly, I just think this movie is a lot of fun. I love how it incorporates so many classic Disney animated films, especially The Little Mermaid. I love how they bring a fairytale princess into the real world, and not just any real world, New York City. I think this is an adorable story, and again, the acting in it is great. Amy Adam’s does a phenomenal job portraying a damsel in distress in the human world.

5. The Princess Diaries— Miracle’s happen! Oh how I love this move, and always have. I am constantly finding myself quoting this movie, especia200_slly the line when Mia Thermopolis is looking at herself in the mirror and shrugs “well, I guess this is as good as it’s gonna get.” Julie Andrews is one of my favorite actresses, and Walt Disney Studio’s could not have casted a better, and more poise queen. This film brings humor into a touching and feel good story about the transformation of shy teenager Mia into a royal.


8 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday: Disney Live-Action Films

  1. The Animation Commendation says:

    I actually have a blog dedicated to just the live-action Disney films: myliveactiondisneyproject.wordpress.com . I intend to watch and review every theatrically-released live-action Disney film.

    My faves include Mary Poppins, Darby O’Gill and the Little People, Saving Mr. Banks, etc.


  2. satinahall says:

    Even though I don’t think it’s very good, for some reason I really like the move Oz: The Great and Powerful. It’s pretty underrated as far as live-action Disney movies go.


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