Dine with the Characters: Top 5 Places in Walt Disney World

Absolutely no Walt Disney World vacation is complete without dining with your favorite characters. When I was a little girl, I always looked forward to eating breakfast with Pooh Bear, or dinner with Mickey Mouse. This was always one of the highlights of the trip for me, and we have so many character dining experiences on video. Most of them are buffets, and I remember I would run back to the table if I saw Minnie Mouse (my favorite at the time) nearing our table. There are many places around the Walt Disney World Resort that have dining experiences with the characters, but these are my top.

1. 1900 Park Fare at the Grand Floridian– The experience, and atmosphere at this beautiful and elegantly decorated buffet-style restaurant is unforgettable. For breakfast, dine with Mary Poppins, Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter, Tigger, and Winnie the Pooh! These delightfully cheery characters will put you in a magical mood. The breakfast food here is fresh, and scrumptious. One of their signature breakfast offerings

1900 Park Fare

1900 Park Fare

is Floridian Strawberry Soup, and believe me when I say it is delicious! A bowl of that with a side of Mickey waffles, what could be better? Dinner here is a dream come true. Cinderella’s Happily Ever After Dinner is just that. You have the chance to dine with Prince Charming, Cinderella, and the evil stepmother and stepsisters, resulting in an evening with lots of entertainment. The menu consists of a carving station, seafood, salads, and delicious side offerings. You cannot go wrong with dining at either one of these times. The experience of the restaurant with the characters lives up to the delicious standards of the cuisine.

2. Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary– This was always a must-stop for me and my siblings when were younger. We would often stay at the Contemporary, because of it’s convenience to our favorite theme park, Magic Kingdom. We would always eat breakfast here, and I have nothing but wonderful memories here. The restaurant is in a very open and bright environment, and the delicious scent of the food carries

Chef Mickey's

Chef Mickey’s

throughout. You can dine here with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, and Goofy. Basically, the fab five. Often times, at parks, the lines to meet these characters, especially Mickey and Minnie, can be extremely long. What better way to kill two birds with one stone! Breakfast includes the basics, but also includes turkey sausage, frittata, kielbasa, and hash! My personal favorite, no matter where I go, are the Mickey waffles. Dinner here includes the same characters as breakfast, with American Cuisine featured dishes, ranging from roasted chicken, beef, and pasta. Nothing beats a good meal with your favorite pal Mickey Mouse!

3. The Garden Grill at Epcot– This dining experience is not like anything you have ever done before. This restaurant REVOLVES in The Land at Epcot. The food here is served family-style, and it is certainly some of the freshest food you will eat on your stay. The sights here are ever-changing because of the rotating you will be doing while

The Garden Grill

The Garden Grill

viewing parts of The Land, all while enjoying your meal and talking with the characters! Characters you will be dining with include Chip ‘n Dale and friends. Dinner is the only meal served here, but it includes platters of beef, all-natural turkey, along with fresh vegetables and sides. This dining experience is fresh, fun, and entertaining all wrapped into one.

4. Cape May Cafe at the Beach Club– This beach-themed breakfast buffet is like an early morning beach party with a lively atmosphere. The table cloths are made out of paper, and crayons are provided for all ages to write and doodle during their breakfast.

Cape May Cafe

Cape May Cafe

The characters here, including Goofy, are all dressed in beach attire, making the pictures that much cooler! Keep in mind, the characters are only available during breakfast time. The breakfast menu includes both hot and cold offerings, including chorizo and four cheese scrambled eggs, hand-carved glazed ham, cheddar grits, breakfast potatoes and more! This is a fun, beach filled experience that is both fun and appetizing!

5. Cinderella’s Royal Table at Magic Kingdom– Alright, so I have never been here, but it’s a dream of mine to go. I did not even know this place existed until recently. I’m going to have to guess that my parent’s were not aware that you could dine in Cinderella’s Castle, because I’m sure they would have brought Princess Danielle there. Here you LITERALLY dine INSIDE of the Castle. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner here, all with the characters, but not just any characters. Here, you can dine with royalty. Royal Characters include Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, and Ariel. *FAINTS* You are greeted downstairs by Cinderella, and given a photo opportunity. Once your table is ready, you are escorted up the spiral staircase to the dining room. Breakfast menu includes caramel apple stuffed french toast, baked quiche, beef

Cinderella's Royal Table

Cinderella’s Royal Table

tenderloin and egg, lobster and crab crepes, and more! Lunch menu includes seasonal gnocchi with roasted vegetables, pan-seared chicken, slow-roated pork tenderloin, and seasonal cheesecakes! I’ve heard from a very reliable source that the pumpkin cheesecake there during the fall is “divine.” Dinner menu includes steak and shrimp, rice with roasted vegetables, and chef’s fish of the day! You CANNOT forget the finale, dessert! There is a dessert called The Clock Strikes Twelve, “a white and dark chocolate in a tribute to the moment when Cinderella loses her slipper.” I plan to eat here when I go down in August. Mark my words.

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8 thoughts on “Dine with the Characters: Top 5 Places in Walt Disney World

  1. lonestarlauren says:

    We did the Winnie the Pooh & Friends character breakfast at Crystal Palace and LOVED it! I wasn’t too sure if I would enjoy these kinds of meals, but I was pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to try a few of these next time!


  2. aribebop says:

    Hiya, I ate with my family at the Polynesian resort at the Ohana for my 9th birthday. It was amazing. Food delicious but the best thing of all was doing the conga round the dining room with lilo and stitch and Micky and friends. Was just magical. We then entered the Magic Kingdom for the firs,R time on a boat trip from the polynesian resort. Will never forget it. ⭐️ We r going the disneylamd in California in June, can’t wait. It’s a long trip from Bonny Scotland though. Xxx


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