Have Courage, and Be Kind

I can finally say I have seen the movie that topped the box office this past week, “Cinderella“! I was more than excited to see this film, and was happy that my mom and brother agreed to go with me. To be honest, Cinderella was never one of my favorite fairytales or Disney films. Yes, I loved the whole glass slipper idea and magnificent blue dress and a fairy godmother, but it still did not make the top for me. I was excited to see this live-action version of the film, because it is such a classic story. With that being said, there were things that I really liked, and there were things I would have changed. All in all, Disney did not disappoint with this remake of the classic fairytale, and I walked out of it inspired to have courage, and be kind.

The film remained true to Disney’s 1950 animated classic tale, with many expansions of the story, which is what I liked the best. There were scenes that were nearly identical to the animated version, and they were pleasant surprises. I have not seen the animated version in years, so it was nice to be able to recognize many scenes that were similar. I enjoyed the most the expansion on the love story between Cinderella and Prince Charming, and the overall theme of marrying for love instead of status. I thought that was a great message to portray in this fairytale– to marry for love and your own happiness instead of someone else’s. This is a message not always demonstrated in the animated films, and I thought it was a very meaningful expansion of the story.

My favorite scene in the film was definitely when the fairy godmother appIMG_4657eared to Cinderella, and got her all ready for the ball, and of course the ball itself. I was waiting for this scene during the entire movie, and was most looking forward to it. This scene was simply magical, and done so elegantly. The dress and the gold carriage were stunning. The change was done with magic that only Disney could produce. The only thing I would have changed about this scene was what animals they chose to attend the carriage and take Cinderella to the ball. The lizards freaked me out a little, but overall, this was my favorite scene, and I want to get myself a pair of glass slippers!

However, throughout the film, I could not help but yearn for more. I was really hoping that some of the original songs from the animated film would in some way be incorporated into this live-action twist. There were so many similarities to the animated version, including the characters and certain scenes, that almost made me expect to hear some of the same songs, at least used in the background. The one part that I wanted to hear the same music the most was during the dance between Cinderella and Prince Charming at the ball (also, ironically, one of my favorite scenes.) I was dying to hear “So This Is Love” romantically playing as the two were twirling around on the dance floor, but none of the music from the animated film appeared. I just felt as if there were so many other similarities, whereas I was expecting to hear the same music, and I was disappointed when I did not.

Five words are able to sum up this 2015 film in it’s entirety; Have Courage and Be Kind. These words were first spoken to Ella (Cinderella) at the beginning of the film by her late mother, and was a constant theme throughout the film. Cinderella was constantly brave in the face of turmoil, and treated everyone with equal kindness, including her evil stepmother and stepsisters. In the end, she was the one who was rewarded for kind spirit and courageous heart. This theme was inspiring, and taught the lesson that having a good heart, and being nice is truly one of the most important qualities someone can have.



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