Merch Madness: Chalkboard Mug

I’m an avid coffee drinker. I cannot go a day without a cup of coffee. Therefore, I am an avid collector of mugs as well. I’m not really sure when this love for mugs started, but I’ve found myself collecting them and placing them around my room for decoration. For whatever reason, I cannot get myself to drink out of my favorite mugs. It’s odd. I’m odd. Oh well.IMG_4618

Anyways, my favorite mug right now is from the Disney Centerpiece Collection, and it is called the Chalkboard Mug. Seriously, I knew I had to have this mug the minute I laid eyes on it. It’s beautiful, and I love absolutely everything about it.

I was surprised to find out how BIG this mug is! It’s definitely larger than your average mug, making it that much better. The mug itself is in a matte finish, and it is adorned with beloved quotes. What really got me to buy this mug was the fact it said “Be Our Guest” on it. There also is Cinderella’s Castle, “Happiest Place on Earth,” “Believe in Magic,” “Never Grow Up,” and “Once Upon a Time” etched on it.

This mug is perfect for any mug collector, Disney fan, or even just someone who loves their morning cup of coffee!

6 thoughts on “Merch Madness: Chalkboard Mug

  1. Rosie says:

    I need this mug in my life!!! I just went to Disney and they were out of the Starbucks mugs. I was devastated. I may need to order one of these to ease my pain.


  2. muddlingthroughmarlborough says:

    Oh, it’s painful to not have a trip booked… You never know when merchandise is going to be gone forever. I adore those Starbucks mugs, and these chalkboard ones are even cuter! I think they might even lure me away from my I ❤ Spreadsheets mug.


    • danielleogo says:

      So true! Merchandise comes and goes so quickly on the Disney Store website! I want a Starbucks mug so badly, but this mug is just as adorable! 🙂 Make sure you get one before they are gone!


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