Put me in Summer and I’ll be a… Happy Snowman!

Well, it’s Hump Day. Usually, I would be pretty happy about the fact the work week (in my case, school week) was almost over. Ugh, but not this week. I’m on vacation in Florida, and I never want to leave. It’s been beautiful here every day. How can anyone ever be unhappy when they are in such a beautiful place? I feel like Olaf when he is singing his song “In Summer.”

A drink in my hand, my snow up against the burning sand. Probably getting gorgeously tanned in summer.

Down here in the Sunshine state, it always feels like summer. At least to a Northerner. People in Florida think it’s cold when the temperature hits below 70. I mean, I guess I can see how that happens when people here are used to 90 and above temperatures. For me, a Northerner, if the temperature is above 40 in the winter, I’m only wearing a long sleeve shirt, and it’s considered a beautiful day. I’m curious to see how I will react to the Florida winter when I’m living here for five months. Honestly, I like to think I will be warm all the time, but I’ve been told I will get used to the scorching hot temperatures.

Speaking of Frozen, there will be a Frozen short called “Frozen Fever,” shown before the film Cinderella in theaters this Friday. It’s a short sequel to the mega-hit Frozen, and I’m sure it will draw even MORE crowds into the film itself. The animated short revolves around Elsa planning a surprise birthday party for her sister Anna. I’ve even heard there will be mini snowmen just like Olaf in the film! I’m very much looking forward to seeing this film, but until then, I’m going to soak up the sun like Olaf in summer.

10 thoughts on “Put me in Summer and I’ll be a… Happy Snowman!

  1. Natalie Davis says:

    I want summer, too! I can’t wait for the movie and the short! I think I am seeing it over spring break. When my family and I were in Florida last week,it was almost 90 one day! Did you get to go to Disney World?


  2. Weatherguy says:

    No problem. Makes me want to hit the Be Our Guest restaurant the next time I’m here (and change magicbands with my daughter just to mess up the tracking data…”wait, he went inside the men’s and women’s restroom?”) . 😉


  3. Natalie Davis says:

    Reblogged this on Natalie's Blog and commented:
    Hey ,Disney lovers! I really want summer to come! I mean I really do. Pool, hot weather,sleeping in, not doing homework and tests sounds awesome, right now! Thankfully, today wasn’t cold, but wasn’t hot
    It was cool, and it felt great! I have been following this amazing Disney blogger for awhile, and this post was inspired by one of her posts! 🙂


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