Woman Crush Wednesday: Princess Belle

I have always found Princess Belle admirable. She was just a small town girl that was different than everyone else. She stood out, but was not ashamed of it. She embraced the fact she was different. She always had a yearning for adventure in the great wide somewhere, which she read about in her books. She found passion in books and stories. She believed in finding the good in everyone, and searched for the beauty from within. She had the ability to look past appearance, and see the true colors of a person, and even a Beast.

Belle_14Name: Belle

Occupation: Princess

Appearance: Fair skin, long brown hair, rosy cheeks, hazel eyes

Current Residence: Beast’s Castle

Personality: Unconventional, compassionate, out spoken, adventurous

Family: Her father Maurice, and husband Prince Adam

Belle always stood up for herself, especially against Gaston. She was not about to let him manipulate her, and she used her voice against him. She was able to restore peace to the enchanted castle, and successfully brought love back into the heart of the Beast.

My sister and I with Belle

My sister and I with Belle

Personally, this story is one of my favorites, and I find it the most relatable.

Every time that I vacation at Walt Disney World and visit Hollywood Studios, I sit through the play Beauty and the Beast. I have seen this more times than I can count, and we even have recorded it. I just am so in love with the music in this film, and I love how Belle is not scared of the Beast. She changes the Beast for the better, and everyone in the castle. She is so much more than just her looks; she has the brains as well. I also love Belle in Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. In my opinion the best sequel to any Disney film, this movie shows Belle as someone who again will stop at nothing for what she believes, and in this case the hope of Christmas. I also love how Belle is always able to convince the Beast that she is right, a quality I like to think I possess.

To me, I think Belle is a great role model for several reasons. She had the mind set that she did not need a man, referring to Gaston. She could have married GastoIMG_4257n, a guy that all the girls in the town were in love with, and lived a wealthy lifestyle. No. She wanted more. She wanted more than her small, provincial town. She knew she was destined for great things, she just did not know what. She showed selflessness and compassion when she took the spot of her father, Maurice, as a prisoner in Beast’s castle. She was able to forgive the Beast, and did not remain mad at him. She also was not afraid to stick up to him several times, and told him how she felt. I found her audacity inspiring. In the end, she came back to save the Beast from Gaston and the townspeople, because she truly saw the good in him and fell in love with him for the beauty he had on the inside.


5 thoughts on “Woman Crush Wednesday: Princess Belle

  1. DesolationOfBlog says:

    Belle is my favorite too! She’s VERY pretty (the only princess with beautiful brunette hair!). And she takes time to get to know her man and falls in love with him for who he is not what he looks like. (Cinderella starts dancing with her guy for a moment and suddenly she’s singing, “So this is love.”)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. mk10pl says:

    Belle was my favorite growing up as well! For me, it was because she loved reading and I used to be really into that as well back when I wasn’t a University student and had this thing called free time 😛

    Liked by 2 people

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