Top Cinderella Products fit for a Princess

I’m sure that you all have heard about the new Disney live-action Cinderella film that will be in theaters March 13th. This film puts a twist on the classic fairy tale, and one of the original Disney princesses. With the film’s upcoming release, there seems to be countless products and brands promoting the film, and I want them all! I made a list of my top Cinderella must-have’s to get you ready for midnight! Just make sure to get those glass slippers fitted.


1. Cinderella iPhone 5/5S Case – Live Action Film — This gold adorned case is the perfect fit for a princess, without it being obnoxiously obvious. There’s a clock striking midnight, a glass slipper, a carriage, and butterflies etched on the case. This case inspired by the film is elegant.

2. Disney Cinderella Carriage Bag — This classic bag is ivory and black, making it the perfect fit for everyday use. The clock striking midnight and the carriage represent the live-action movie, and would be the perfect bag to bring to the midnight showing, all while sneaking in your favorite snacks (ssshhhhhh)!

3. Disney’s Cinderella a Collection by LC Lauren Conrad Look 1 — Just everything about this outfit, and collection, is princess perfect. I love it all, and want it all. It’s chic and romantic, and downright adorable. Lauren Conrad can do no wrong, and who better to create a Cinderella collection?

4. Stroke of Midnight: Eye Shadow x 6 — The makeup inspired by the film from MAC Cosmetics is selling out, and insanely popular. The color palette is soft and glimmering. I’m especially a fan of this eye shadow palette. Create your own Cinderella inspired look with the help of this line of makeup!

5. Morgan Taylor Party At The Palace — There is a Cinderella inspired nail polish line, and this has to be my favorite one. This pale and baby blue color looks identical to the color of Cinderella’s dress she wears to the ball. It says there are gold flecks in the polish, only making me want this polish MORE! Check out all of the beautifully tasteful colors.

Alright. So I did a little bit of shopping today. My mom took me to Kohl’s and we both fell in love with the entire Cinderella line by Lauren Conrad… here is what I bought!

  • Cinderella’s slipper sweater. This was SO comfortable and soft.
  • Cinderella’s Castle Shirt.
  • Cinderella’s powder blue dress. I especially love the bow on the back.

So… Am I a princess yet?

IMG_4363  IMG_4368

IMG_4372  IMG_4373

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