Favorite Things Friday: Epcot World Showcase

I feel like I had a FastPass+ for the week. It went by SO quick! Hope everyone enjoyed their last week of February. For my Favorite Things Friday, let’s take a trip around the world. That is, the world showcase in Epcot. Here are my top five favorite countries in the Epcot World Showcase! (Sorry this turned into my top favorite places TO EAT in the Epcot World Showcase…)


My siblings and I at the Italy Pavilion

1. Italy — The Italy Pavilion has got to be my favorite place in Epcot, and definitely a delicious place to eat. Besides the Pavilion being beautifully decorated with statutes, a bridge, and a water fountain, you truly feel as if you are walking around the streets of Italy. Italy is a place where I am dying to go, so that may be why I love it so much. The food here is real authentic Italian, and I stuff my face every time with homemade pizza and pasta. *MMMMMMMM*

2. China — The China Pavilion is beautiful as well. Guests are greeted with a large Chinese gate. One of my favorite things about each country is the music. The music really matches each country, and gives you the real feeling of traveling the world. Nine Dragons, the full-service gourment Chinese restaurant, is similar to traditional Chinese, but a TON better than the take-out you are used too. I love the look of this Pavilion, especially the ponds and bridges.

3. Mexico — Nothing beats the indoor atmosphere of Mexico. This pyramid is bustling with the sounds of Mexico, and the smells of Mexico. The inside is a dimly lit Mexican marketplace. I like the ride that goes along with this country as well! There’s a boat ride

My sister and I at the China Pavilion

My sister and I at the China Pavilion

you can take, kind of giving you a tour around Mexico, while in search for Donald Duck!

4. Japan — I’m starting to realize that this list is just a list of my favorite places to eat in Epcot, but I really do love the hibachi restaurant here. You can watch chefs cook right in front of you at Teppan Edo. The pagoda at the Japan pavilion is just a trademark, and so recognizable. But seriously, the food is great. They even make the fried rice into mickey ears right in front of you. You cannot miss that!

5. France — THE DESSERTS! You cannot beat the desserts in France. No matter where we end up eating dinner, we always save room for dessert in France. This country is filled with flowers, and it’s just so quaint. All the countries are absolutely breathtaking, and really have some distinct qualities to each that really makes you feel as if you have just taken a long plane ride to the neighboring country.


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