Motivational Monday

The month of February is flying by! It’s already the last Monday of the month, and then we are one step closer to spring (THANK GOD!) Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekend, and are now fueled up for a work filled week! The Motivational Monday quote I chose for the week is something I am a stern believer of, and these words of wisdom came from a happy snowman.


Love is putting someone else’s needs before yours.

This motivational quote seems simple, but it’s often easier said than done. There is no better way to show the way you feel about someone than putting their feelings and needs before your own. If you truly love someone, this should come easy. When you love and care for someone so much, their happiness usually means more than your own, and this is exactly what Olaf explained to Anna in the movie “Frozen.” Kristoff loved Anna, but he thought that she loved Hans, so he left her without telling his true feelings for her to be with Hans. If you love someone with your whole heart, the last thing you should ever want to see is them upset. You can show that person this by keeping their feelings, needs, and wants into consideration, and putting them first. As I said, this is something expected but does not always happen. Try this Monday to show the people you truly love just how much you love them, because mumbling those three words is not an act of true love, action is, just as Anna did for Elsa, and Kristoff did for her.

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