How-To: Master The Ultimate Lazy Disney-Filled Sunday

Alright fellow Disney fanatics, let’s get honest for a minute. There is nobody that does not love a lazy Sunday, and feel free to argue with me. It’s the day before a work or school filled week, consisting of stress and obligations. What’s better than a Sunday where you do not leave the house, change out of your pajamas, and just sit around watching movies all day? Yep, that is exactly what I am doing right now. Here is my how-to have the ULTIMATE lazy, and of course, Disney-filled Sunday.

Step 1: Find the perfect pair of Disney pajamas. My sister and I got matching Elsa pajama pants from Hot Topic for Christmas Eve this past year, and they are SO comfortable and SO adorable. They feel like a combination of sweatpants and super soft pajama pants. To say the least, it’s hard to get me out of these.


Step 2: Find the perfect line up of Disney movies. Whether those movies be old or new, animated or live action, or even Pixar, find your favorite movies or maybe even some you haven’t seen in a while. For me, it’s easy to breeze through a couple Disney movies in a row. To be honest, I could watch my three favorite princess movies over and over and never get bored. If I do feel like broadening my horizons, I venture to Netflix, which adds Disney movies to their queue often.


Step 3: Find that perfect Disney snack. We are not all fortunate enough to live near Disney World to be able to pick up a Mickey Premium Ice Cream bar, Dole Whip, or Turkey Leg anytime we please. However, there are some alternatives for this. In my case, I happen to have a Mickey Mouse waffle maker, which makes adorable and delicious waffles that are almost too cute to eat. If you don’t have one of these, you can find Disney inspired recipes online that you can spend time making.


Step 4: Gather your closest Disney friends. There is nothing better than sharing your love for Disney with a friend. Spend your lazy, Disney-filled Sunday with someone who can appreciate the magic of Disney. If none of your friends are up for this (and I don’t see why not), make sure you find the next best thing. In my case, these are the “friends” I’m sharing my lazy Sunday with today, and I am not complaining.



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