Favorite Things Friday: Disney Couples

Some of my favorite tales of love come from Disney movies. In most Disney films, the couple is forced to face obstacles in order to be with the one that they love. In my opinion, the greatest sign of true love is when someone is willing to risk everything for the other, which is typically shown in these films. This week, in light of Valentine’s Day, I decided for my Favorite Things Friday to talk about my favorite Disney couples!

1. Beast & Belle- This love story is the best example of the saying that is as old as time, to never judge a book by it’s cover. Belle took her father’s place without hesitation to spend the rest of her life locked up in a castle with at the time she thought, a hideous beast. It was difficult for them to see eye to eye, but the Beast quickly became fond of Belle. He noticed her beauty from the moment he saw her, and evenanigif_enhanced-buzz-14024-1364244548-1 saved her life from a pack of wolves. Belle found friendship in the Beast, and the Beast even paid attention to her likes and dislikes. He made for her the grandest library she could ever imagine, which I think is extremely romantic. In the end, Belle ended up saving the Beast’s life. She was able to see past what he was, and was able to see his kind heart. This story is one of my all time favorite love stories with a great message.

2. Flynn & Rapunzel- Rapunzel, an imaginative Princess with a big dream, falls in love with Flynn, a conceited thief turned into a good-hearted man. Their love story starts off a bit amusing, with Flynn sneaking into Rapunzel’s tower. What started out as a selfish pact wienhanced-buzz-5646-1388775506-31th Rapunzel to take her to see the floating lanterns in return for a satchel, soon turned into him seeing the light in her. He would then stop at nothing to protect her from her evil “mother”, even willing to sacrifice his own life for her. My favorite line in the film is right at the end, after Flynn sacrificed himself for Rapunzel, and he goes on to tell her that she was his new dream. *cue the awwwww’s*

3. Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann- Alright, I have to admit, I am a bit obsessed with the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I used to have a Will Turner pillow case, so yeah. One of the best love stories in the franchise is that of William Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Even though it takes them until the third movie to finally gromantic_disney_pirates-of-the-caribbean_will-turner_elizabeth-swannet hitched, they still demonstrated their undying love for each other. SPOILER ALERT, and frankly you have had since 2007 to see this, Will gets stabbed by Davy Jones at “World’s End”, and thanks to the help of his dear friend CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow, he is able to live as captain of the Flying Dutchman ship. However, one of the criteria of being the captain was spending ten years at sea, and only one day on land. This did not stop the love story of William and Elizabeth, and she kept her word and went to see him one day every ten years, showing how devoted she was to her true love.

4. Simba & Nala- This is the ultimate love story of two best friends since birth, that were able to find love from their friendship, andromantic_disney_the-lion-king_simba_nala before they knew it, were feeling the love (tonight). Nala helped Simba become the king he was destined to be, and she was always there for him. This love story is one of my favorites because Simba and Nala were best friends, and then fell in love.

5. Mickey & Minnie- How can you have a favorite Disney couples list and not include the two timeless sweethearts Mickey and Minnie? These two are the onestumblr_m0lks6Y4sj1rqn4oro3_500 that started it all, and are the all time classic Disney couple. They are still deeply in love, even after all of these years. They are, in my definition, the image of true love. Minnie said about Mickey, “I know he’s the one when he makes me laugh.” How cute.


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