Woman Crush Wednesday: Princess Ariel

Woman (Princess) Crush Wednesday: a day to pay homage to admirable women (or, princesses) 👑 First up, my favorite princess since day one… Ariel.

Ariel is beautiful, determined, rebellious, independent, adventurous, and brushes her hair with a dinglehopper (or in other words, a fork) better than anyone. Not to mention she made a prince fall in love with her in just a few days, without the use of her voice. That’s pretty impressive! She risked everything for her true love, PrinceAriel_mermaid Eric. Also, she’s a mermaid, which I am extremely jealous of.

Name: Ariel

Occupation: Princess

Appearance: long red hair, big blue eyes, green tail, purple shells

Hometown: Atlantica

Current Residence: Eric’s Castle

Family: Her father King Triton, her mother Queen Athena, her older sisters Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, and Alana, and her daughter Melody FullSizeRender(who is definitely just like her mother!)

In her free time, Ariel likes to sing, collect human objects, and go on underwater adventures with her friend Flounder. When I was a little girl, Ariel was my favorite princess. I would spend hours swimming in the pool singing “ahhh ahhh aahhhhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh” (watch the scene with Ursula and you will understand). I would sit on the couch, wrap my legs in a beach towel, wear a bathing suite top, and pretend to be my favorite princess. Don’t believe me?

Every time my family and I went to Magic Kingdom, I forced a lucky someone (usually my mother) to stand and wait in line with me FOREVER in the hot sun just to catch a glimpse of Ariel andFullSizeRender-2 get my picture taken with her in her grotto. I remember talking to her, and she would tell me that King Triton was out in the water watching over her. Every time, I would look out and wave to King Triton, thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Meeting Princess Ariel was always the highlight of my Disney World trip. I mean, look at that face and how blissfully happy I was. My most recent trip to Disney World was just a little over two years ago, and I still dragged my family to go see ‘The Voyage of The Little Mermaid’ at Hollywood Studios with me (and I mean dragged). Yes, I have seen that show more times than I can count, but Ariel still inspires me to this day, and I still enjoy watching her story.


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