Frozen Fever: Are You Ready to ‘Let It Go’?

For starters, I think Frozen is a great movie. I have to admit, I do love the song “Let It Go” and I find myself belting it out in my car more times than I probably should.

With tha0e8d42fed6480bc1677636ba4a03c3c1t being said, I also think that this Frozen craze has gone a little overboard. Everywhere you look, Frozen is already there. Every store is overflowing with merchandise that has Elsa, Anna, or Olaf all over it. I get that it was a popular movie, but I feel as if other great Disney movies of the past were not given the same recognition that Frozen received.

Not only is Frozen found in almost every store you step foot into, but also it is being put everywhere possible in the parks themselves. From the Frozen themed Christmas parade and castle lighting to the Frozen sing-along celebration in Walt Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it seems as if you cannot go anywhere in the park without a reminder of those two sisters and their snowman. This bothers me because there are so many great Disney films, arguably better than Frozen, which have gone with little to no recognition in the parks.

Until recently, the only Beauty and the Beast attraction in the Walt Disney World resort was the live show at Hollywood Studios. Now, I may be bias, but Beauty and the Beast is definitely up there with being one of the best Disney animated features. It took over 20 years for Belle and Beast to become more exposed in the parks, which they did by creating the Be Our Guest Restaurant and Enchanted Tales with Belle in 2012.

Another prime example is The Little Mermaid. Again, I may be bias, but The Little Mermaid is also one of the best Disney animated features. I grew up wrapping my legs in a beach towel and sitting on my couch singing “Part of Your World.” Prior to 2012, Ariel was given a grotto at Magic Kingdom (where you could wait hours in the hot sun to meet her), and an indoor live show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It wasn’t until 2012, with the new Fantasyland, that Ariel was finally given her own attraction ride, 23 years after the film’s debut.

Less than a year after Frozen’s debut, Walt Disney World was already in the works to creating an attraction ride. The many times I went on vacation to Walt Disney World as a little girl, I would have been thrilled to ride a Little Mermaid ride or dine with Belle and Beast in his castle. What I don’t understand is why it took the Walt Disney World resort over 20 years to expand upon some of their greatest films in their parks, and less than a year for Frozen to be everywhere.

If the imagineers need inspiration for new park attractions, they should look to the other Disney renaissance movies, such as Aladdin, Lion King, Tarzan, Hercules etc.

I am NOT saying anything negative about the movie Frozen. I love the movie. I just think that there are other Disney films that are just as good, if not better, that have not been given their well-deserved time in the spotlight.


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