Motivational Monday

Start your week off right with some words of wisdom… beginning with Walt Disney himself.

fae50fdfcedc1bcc02c33f6fa65f8989If you can dream it, you can do it.

This quote is pretty self explanatory, but extremely powerful. Walt Disney started with a drawing of a mouse, but that drawing turned into a dream and that dream turned into a reality. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. Walt Disney proved that a dream can go a long way, and those dreams can become a reality if you have the courage and will to pursue it. Right now, I’m in a transitioning stage between college and the real world. I have the power to turn my dreams into a reality, just like Walt did. A dream of mine is to work for the Disney company and be apart of all that Walt believed in. I wish to put my talents into this company, and work to make people happy (and to hang out with my fellow princesses) 😉


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